Lexi D’Angelo’s Tabwoo Practitioner Certification Review (+ discount link): NLP + Life Coach Coaching

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2021

Are you considering the Tabwoo Practitioner Certification?

Here is an honest review and my personal experience with the Tabwoo cert (at the bottom of this post you will find discount links that'll save you thousands on the certification AND give you a few extra perks too). I hope that this will allow you to decide whether this is what you are looking for and tune into what your next step in personal development is. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly!

I am so happy I made the decision to move forward with Lexi’s Tabwoo Practitioner Certification Program.

I was in an online NLP coaching program before Tabwoo and while there were some aspects I liked, there was more about THIS OTHER program that wasn’t in alignment with me. I never finished. And I wasted big $$.

I was searching for more connection, more opportunities to practice my skills, and more support in revamping my own life so that I would be able to facilitate results in others.

I was...

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Use Presence + Positivity When Your Next Spiral Comes Along


I’ve been thinking a lot about how 2020 has brought us closer together with this sense of “we are all in it togetherness.” Still, it’s been a lonely few months with physical and social distancing (and so much uncertainty and pivoting) as we individually and collectively navigate as best we can, trying to connect to ourselves and each other to keep moving forward.


It’s no surprise that it’s been heavy the last few months. Last week I had a moment of fear, dread, overwhelm and a corresponding WHY AM I FEELING LIKE THIS mood. 


I could feel a spiral coming and my initial reaction was I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS (lol do we ever?!).


So, I asked myself what I needed to feel better, to feel safe, and to feel loved. (If you’re anything like me, you like that reassurance and validation to come from OUTSIDE. I’ve been working on going INSIDE.) My inner response: RELEASE.


So, I put on a sad music playlist,...

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The Write Way to Self Care


Since I was a kid and have always loved words (#englishprof).  Writing was a source of outlet for me since I was really young. I used to rewrite animal fun facts, provide written commentary on characters I read in books, and make up stories of lonely kids and dogs finding each other. Clearly I wasn’t the most fun child to have a play date with lol


Writing back then was a way for me to do something with my weird and often wild imagination. Writing took me to places deep within and far outside myself. As I got older, I realized I had ideas and feelings that I didn't know what to do with. Many times, writing was what saved me.


It was a way for me to feel less alone and to look inside for the answers rather than be confused by what advice was being offered around me.


To this day, I use journaling to see my feelings on the page and move the heaviness (or inspiration!) inside so that I can focus on better feelings.


I’ve truly seen the...

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How To Never Skip Out On Your Self Care Again


Ever feel the pangs of guilt when you close your laptop lid to go for a midday walk? The shame in soaking in a bubble bath and journaling while your email inbox notifications ping?


You are not alone!


There were so many times when I pushed through and ignored my own needs, thinking that hustling and bustling was the way to go. 


When things got overwhelming or busy, instead of slowing down, my self care was the first to go. 


More coffee for the late nights. 


More take out food as I rushed between meetings. 


This was the pattern until it wasn’t; burnout caused me to hit rock bottom, and I had to do things differently. 


So, if you’re in the same boat, I’ve got a few tips on how to never skip your self care again.


First thing’s first, you need to know:


  • You are deserving of it. Yep, if you’ve been waiting for permission to light a candle and just jump into the...
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The New Self Care - Not Just Bubbles and Face Masks


I’m about to blow the self care social media paradigm right open. 


You ready?


Self care is not just bubble baths and face masks.


Let me explain a little more… When I talk about self care, I really mean two things: fluffy self care and icky self care. 


Fluffy self care is a lot of the socially known self care: things like pedicures, massages, pouring bath salts in overflowing tubs…


Icky self care, on the other hand, is all the stuff that actually supports us and our wellbeing on a deep, soul level, but isn’t what we typically want to do. This includes looking at financials, setting boundaries, having hard conversations, reflecting and healing trauma, taking responsibility for parenting ourselves…


[Get your Recipe For Self-Care NOW click here ]


Being the (self proclaimed) Self Care Queen, I’d like to think I lean into both equally (although history would show I tend to dive...

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How To Go From Overdraft To Overflowing


There was a time when I was living from my bank account’s overdraft. Okay, living might not be the right term...surviving feels more accurate. Honestly, this was the scenario: I’d get paid on a Thursday and be in the minus by Friday. I was stretching every last dollar, racking up credit cards, and not knowing if I’d have to ask for a handout from family. ‍


[Get your Recipe For Self-Care NOW click here]


It was not fun. It felt really heavy. And I was really embarrassed about it. 


I was in that spot of lack, hopelessness, and wanting more until I realized I had more power over my situation than I thought. 


Enter money mindset!


After reading a few books, listening to a few podcasts, and getting clear on my budget, I realized that there were things I could do to improve my relationship to money. In Lovely Human School, I teach an entire module about stepping into our fortune and living an abundant life,...

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Simple Self Care Tricks to Gain More Time In Your Day

morning self care selfcare Nov 05, 2020


As someone who goes nonstop most days from 5am to 9 or 10pm, I know how crucial it is to use every moment and get things checked off that ta-da list! But how often do you find yourself staring at your screen, forgetting what you were working on? Or flipping from instagram to facebook to email back and forth without actually completing a task?


Yep, been there! ‍


I’ve read books from all the productivity gurus, taken courses from some of the best experts, and, still, I catch myself with my eyes wandering and my inbox growing. 


That is until I started using my  Self Care Framework to hone in on what makes sense: mindfulness as a means to productivity. 


The Framework has helped me to manage working a 9-5 job and building my self care empire without sacrificing sleep or sanity. The key is that mindfulness--the BEING not the DOING--is imperative to long term fulfilment and productivity since it creates space to have...

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Uncategorized Jul 30, 2020

When I started amping up my self care, it was an icky feeling.


I had been so used to putting others’ feelings and wishes ahead of my own that when I looked at how I could better support myself, it took me awhile to figure it out. I thought:


How am I supposed to put myself before everyone else when all I know is to help everyone else?


How could I sit a read a book when there was vacuuming to be done, papers to be marked, phone calls to be made…



There can be a lot of guilt and self-judgment when we start to prioritize ourselves over others. What I’ve learned, though, is that we need to be in alignment and in close connection with ourselves so that we are able to function at our best when we are with others or when we are embracing our responsibilities and going after our dreams.


I know I am a much better teacher, wife, daughter, human when I feel grounded, more present, and more in tune with myself.


But, that...

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How Self Care Helped Me Close My First Business

business entrepreneurship May 26, 2020

This morning I started to liquidate the Sup Yoga Inc assets. The business was something I built from the ground up and was my first real stab at entrepreneurship.

It felt lonely in the early morning darkness selling off the boards one by one and having to answer question after question in my facebook messenger.

It probably didn't help that I had put this off for as long as possible. I thought I had the business sold last year...and again last month...and again last week. After much deliberation, my business partner and I decided to sell off, piece by piece, the business that I worked so hard to build.

This was not how I saw this going. It felt desperate and like what I had worked so hard to build was being ripped apart, broken down, one paddleboard at a time.

I felt like I was bearing witness to the death of a dream, and it felt heavy.

But we know I know how to deal with heavy. When I get those feelings, I don’t run from them or “toxic...

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Grow Up!: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

relationships May 19, 2020


If you had told me that quarantine was going to bring THIS much of past programming up, I’d have laughed: 


There’s no way. 

It’s not that different than before. 

We’re just together more. 


Yah, right!

At the beginning of this Jazzy and I said that quarantine would either make or break us. ‍ You think I’m joking, but I’m not.

In four years we’ve never spent this much time together. We are two completely different humans who have very different ways of doing things, different sense of humour and different love languages ...(And did I mention we both like to be right?!). 


While we have a good handle on what is our own responsibility and what requires joint effort, when the world around us is struggling to find certainty, it is hard to manage our own nervous system’s activation … and still be a loving partner. 

We all know I talk at length about how my relationships...

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