Use Presence + Positivity When Your Next Spiral Comes Along


I’ve been thinking a lot about how 2020 has brought us closer together with this sense of “we are all in it togetherness.” Still, it’s been a lonely few months with physical and social distancing (and so much uncertainty and pivoting) as we individually and collectively navigate as best we can, trying to connect to ourselves and each other to keep moving forward.


It’s no surprise that it’s been heavy the last few months. Last week I had a moment of fear, dread, overwhelm and a corresponding WHY AM I FEELING LIKE THIS mood. 


I could feel a spiral coming and my initial reaction was I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS (lol do we ever?!).


So, I asked myself what I needed to feel better, to feel safe, and to feel loved. (If you’re anything like me, you like that reassurance and validation to come from OUTSIDE. I’ve been working on going INSIDE.) My inner response: RELEASE. 🍃


So, I put on a sad music playlist, got my yoga mat and bolster out, cried, yoga-ed, and wrote. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but after years of digging deep within, this is what works for me. It is my recipe.


I wouldn't’ have been able to step out of the emotional overwhelm and into this logical process if I hadn’t been connected to myself and my needs (and hadn’t done it a bazillion times before). After a lot of trial and error (okay and frustrated tears), I now know what to do—what helps kick me out of spirals—when thoughts and emotions start to tornado.


If you’re thinking, okay but how do I know what to do my invitation is for you to get still and quiet enough to ask yourself that question and wait for the answer. 

What’s going to get you into THIS moment? 

What’s going to move you closer to a positive state? 


The answers to the two questions above are starting points to empowering yourself and realizing what ingredients are needed in YOUR recipe for taking care of yourself. 💕


And in case you were wondering: If you feel BIG FEELINGS or are hurt or sensitive or sad or angry or lonely, being triggered doesn’t mean you are doomed. Part of self care is just being: being able to be present in the moment and look positively toward the future. We can learn to react in a way that is helpful and healing. 


But I'd love to be there on your journey.


And take comfort knowing I’m in it too: definitely not immune and totally navigating my own healing seas. I love sharing my tools and techniques--and all the tips and tricks I’ve learned in diving deep and emerging more knowledgeable. 


If you want help figuring out your self care recipe, I’d love to help…FREE OF CHARGE…because there’s not a lot worse than feeling disconnected from yourself and alone. Take a peek at what I do every single day to give you a starting step >> VIDEO + WORKBOOK 


Now more than ever, I feel like we are collectively growing and grieving and stepping into our loveliest selves. We’re waking up, and it’s incredible sharing with people like you who are open and willing to do the work. Thank you for being here. You are seen and loved.


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