Teaching Humans How To Reach Their Potential with Presence + Positivity

Learn the Self Care Secrets that will Transform Your Life.

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Lovely Human School Method

The curriculum that takes you from funky to free, busy to balanced, and stressed to Self Care Queen!

Find Presence

Mindfulness and proven Self Care Systems to help you gain reverence for yourself and freedom from expectations. 

Get Positive

Techniques, including Neurolinguistic Programming, to keep you in your Positivity Bubble and wired for joy and success.

Reach Your Potential

Welcome in abundance and fortune with DreamPlanning

The choice to lead a revolutionary life is easy. The harder thing is investing in the journey. Let me guide you and remind you that it is possible and that you are worthy of living your legacy. 

Hey, Hey! I'm Meghan!

Your lead cheerleader, fun yogi, tough love teacher, and accountability bff to shake you out of your negativity and guide you to deep self love so you can plot to take over the world (pinky and the brain anyone?!) … or simply fall in love with it.

I’ve worked with thousands of students over the past decade, and I’m sharing all the mindfulness practices and mindset techniques that have unleashed unlimited potential—both in myself and in the humans I’ve coached.

I’ve hit rock bottom before; I've felt discouraged, desperate + stressed. But through it, I’ve discovered a Self Care System to reconnect with myself, rewire habits and patterns, and revolutionize my life to something I love waking up for.

And now I get to share it with you!

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Here's How I Can Guide You


Learn exactly how to reconnect with yourself and rewire your mindset with LHS online courses. Get the rinse-and-repeat process to create (and sustain!) your revolutionary life.


For the open souls ready to take care of themselves, to love themselves fully, to step into personal empowerment and create the life of their dreams. Let’s get you feeling lovely and seeing lovely so you can do lovely in the world.


Join the Lovely Human Revolution and hundreds of other #SelfCareQueens for  free live trainings on mindfulness, mindset, and momentum. 

"After working with Meghan, I really valued myself again. I looked at myself in the eye differently. I allowed my identity to be more than 'mom.' ... It was when I started to view myself as a valuable or lovely human being whose identity is separate from my family's that my guilt lessened, my playfulness emerged, and I started to see my authenticity again. "

Mama, Entrepreneur, Lovely Human

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