Lexi D’Angelo’s Tabwoo Practitioner Certification Review (+ discount link): NLP + Life Coach Coaching

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Are you considering the Tabwoo Practitioner Certification?

Here is an honest review and my personal experience with the Tabwoo cert (at the bottom of this post you will find discount links that'll save you thousands on the certification AND give you a few extra perks too). I hope that this will allow you to decide whether this is what you are looking for and tune into what your next step in personal development is. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly!

I am so happy I made the decision to move forward with Lexi’s Tabwoo Practitioner Certification Program.

I was in an online NLP coaching program before Tabwoo and while there were some aspects I liked, there was more about THIS OTHER program that wasn’t in alignment with me. I never finished. And I wasted big $$.

I was searching for more connection, more opportunities to practice my skills, and more support in revamping my own life so that I would be able to facilitate results in others.

I was hesitant looking for another program. I felt like it would be impossible to find what I wanted, and I was worried I’d waste even more money trying another joe-shmo online program.

And then came Lexi and the Tabwoo Institute. From the moment I started following her on IG, I just KNEW there was something about Lexi that I needed more of. I was a classic instagram stalker, and I waited a whole TWO YEARS before taking the plunge into the Tabwoo cert...and what really sold me was that she never pressured me into joining, never ghosted me when I didn’t sign up immediately, and always had my best interest and her highest vision in mind. I am so glad I signed up; this cert has been lifechanging!

So let me tell you about the experience; it might take awhile (the cert was 9 months, so gimme some slack!), so make some tea and settle in! I want to make sure you get the FULL picture!

Before we go any farther, I want to acknowledge maybe the biggest hangup you might be having: the investment--I feel and see and hear you.

I had no idea how I would pay for this. It’s the most expensive online NLP course out there--but, let me tell you--there’s a reason for that. You get SO MUCH VALUE from this cert, and I truly believe that when you invest in yourself, it comes back BIG TIME.
In fact, the day after signing up, I got an unexpected cheque in the mail (I AM NOT KIDDING) and I signed a new client a few days later. What’s more, I became an affiliate and made ¼ of my investment back within the first two months. And I’m STILL making passive income month after month without even trying!

I want to mention, too, that unlike other courses I’ve paid for, I have never felt that pang of regret or guilt when the payment comes out each month--I’ve thought “f@&! That was worth it!”

This is not the kind of self directed learning where you listen to audios or watch videos and write a test and BAM you’re a coach. You will learn actual tools and techniques that will help you learn, embody, and facilitate REAL results with yourself and your clients. I PROMISE!

What’s more, and VERY DIFFERENT FROM EVERY OTHER CERT, Lexi offers additional training on diversity & inclusion (something I’ve NEVER seen in other programs), and empowers her Transformation Guides to utilize their own skills and magic to share things like Human Design, Akashic Records, Shadow Work, Business Magic, and so much more. Definitely not the norm in the coaching industry, Lexi is cutting edge and paving her own way!

What is the process like?

When your application is accepted, you’ll get access to The Tabwoo online portal (we call it “The Castle”) --where all the magical content lives and you have access to the weekly/monthly calls and be assigned into a Coven of fellow students that is led by one of the amazing Transformation Guides (TG). You also get to book your 1:1 calls with your TG!

The Castle is intuitive, easy to navigate, and RICH with trainings. This was a HUGE selling feature for me: the fact that I could find everything I needed in one space. I’m an educator and learning environments matter to me. Lexi has upheld adult-teaching pedagogy and added so many extra trainings and features. Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like (all the trainings are hidden here, but this is the main room).

I love being able to message people on The Castle and get reminders of calls and due dates as well as be supported through the different portals, including The Shop where I can share my offers in a non-sleazysalesy way.

Every so-many days (usually it’s 30), a new portal opens up in The Castle for you to take in the content: watch the videos, attend LIVE calls, submit your spellbook (kinda like a workbook where you get to interact with the content), complete the assessment (which are actually very enjoyable and learning-based), and participate in any additional spells. The time to complete each portal varies, but there are suggestions that help you to plan out the time and ensure you aren’t rushed.

Personally, I would always use my creative drive and, rather than spreading out the work, I would complete portal requirements when my energy and inspiration were high. I never felt pressured during the cert--even when I had some personal things come up and “fell behind,” it was quick to catch up, and I wasn’t penalized.

One of the most differentiating features of this cert is there are a lot of opportunities to connect with others, get coaching, and practice your skills. Many online programs give you the info and expect you to do it on your own. THIS IS 10x BETTER. Let me break down the calls:

Magic Seat Calls to get coaching from your peers and Transformation Guides AND offer coaching too! I’ve had some major breakthroughs here, including releasing limiting beliefs, getting support on standing up for myself, and shifting into a more abundant frame of mind.

Business Strategy Calls. These are high-level biz strategy support calls. I’ve had feedback on sales pages, new program launches, and IG strategy things. These are some of my fave calls--and even hearing others’ questions is SO HELPFUL.

Practitioner Craft Calls are kind of like office hours where you can ask questions about anything that might be coming up. This is the perfect call to get supported with moving through emotions, tapping into your soul, and receiving mindset support.

Practicum Calls where you get to practice your skills AND get coaching. Most programs make you do this on your own time. Taboo integrates it in...and even offers additional Study Hall Calls where you can worksprint or pair up with someone and do practicums!

Coven Calls each month are with your TG and covenmates where you get to check in and soak in the magic of your Transformation Guide as they lead you through different techniques and practices.

Here’s an example of my Tabwoo calendar for one week in June. As you can see, there are definitely a lot of opportunities to receive support and truly hone your coaching prowess regardless of your time zone! These calls aren’t required, but I HIGHLY recommend cashing in on all this experience and expertise! And that’s the magic of the Tabwoo Practitioner Cert: you are so set up for success!

Because of COVID restrictions, we weren't able to do our LIVE training (one of the initial selling features because #excusetotravel), but Lexi and the team put on a magical 5 Day Online Retreat that was transformative. It was like 5 Deep-Dive VIP days with sessions and support from her and the Transformation Guides. I know other coaching programs that charge additional for this!

The last epic feature of this program is that there are incentives to working through the portals, submitting assessments, and attending calls. I am an uber competitive person and looooove being able to earn points and get rewards. Every time you complete a task, or do additional work that improves your competence and confidence, you get rewarded with things like free 1:1 calls with TG, social media shoutouts, and more. This has made it a fun experience and less like “homework” and more like “spellwork” that is sprinkled with glitter and magic. For us external validation seekers, this is a winning formula!

Before I sign off (whew this is long isn’t it!) I want to sneak in one extra parts of the curriculum I loved and really used: the added Business Curriculum. These additional portals are easily well worth 6k+ on their own. If you haven’t started building your biz, or are wanting to go back and do it right, the curriculum that gets unlocked portal by portal each month takes you through step by step how to do it: from protecting yourself legally to branding to creating and launching courses, there is SO MUCH value packed in. It’s what helped me get really clear on my messaging and gain new clients without even trying!

Okay you made it! That’s the process! By the end of the 9 months (my cohort got an extra extension of 3 months free to make it 12!) you are certified as a Tabwoo Method Practitioner, Life & Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner, TIME Techniques and EFT Practitioner.

If you’re looking for a certification that will not only transform you and give you tangible tools (not just how to ask questions, which is of course important), but also provide a space for you to learn, embody, and facilitate with the most incredible support I have ever experienced, then I highly recommend Tabwoo Practitioner Cert. Because seriously...it’s so much more than NLP.

My Results

So much has changed and transformed since I started the training. Here are some highlights (even though there are so many more!):

  • I have gotten out of the living paycheque to paycheque cycle and into ACTUALLY having money come in consistently in my biz. My mindset is renewed and rewired and I can feel deep in my soul that I am worthy of prosperity.
  • I revamped my 8 week signature self care course AND have been inspired to do a complete rebrand that is living up to my wildest dreams of building the self care empire I have always dreamed of.
  • I launched my monthly Self Care Club feeling empowered putting the business training into practice, adding another revenue stream to my biz
  • I have improved my relationship with my partner. Feeling supported by my TG and covenmates, I have been able to heal many past issues in order to be a better partner and hold us to higher standards. THIS has been my favourite result of the entire course and worth ALL the money in the world.
  • Made 30k while working my 9-5, and it felt easy!

I also love that I have made new friends that I know will be forever friends. My network now is HUGE--and we all help each other out: guest speaking in each other’s communities, interviewing on podcasts, celebrating one another, and really providing more opportunities than I could ever imagine.

Discount Links

Because this is the ONLY Certification that I 111% believe in, I'm so happy to share my review AND a discount for taking the time to read this! As promised, here are my affiliate links (I believe in being open and honest):

This link is $1500 off the cert and is where you apply to get accepted
And this gives $400 off Quantum $hift if you want to dive into that first.

...and if you do choose to enrol, I’d love to support you and send you a gifty, so please reach out HERE personally and let me know you are IN!

More questions? Want to see what else is behind The Castle doors? Feel free to reach out! I am more than happy to connect!

PS: If you want to feel Lexi out first before committing, learn more about the cert here and also sign up for this free training about breaking through your next income ceiling. Being in her energy is infectious--so be ready!



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