The Write Way to Self Care


Since I was a kid and have always loved words (#englishprof).  Writing was a source of outlet for me since I was really young. I used to rewrite animal fun facts, provide written commentary on characters I read in books, and make up stories of lonely kids and dogs finding each other. Clearly I wasn’t the most fun child to have a play date with lol


Writing back then was a way for me to do something with my weird and often wild imagination. Writing took me to places deep within and far outside myself. As I got older, I realized I had ideas and feelings that I didn't know what to do with. Many times, writing was what saved me.💕


It was a way for me to feel less alone and to look inside for the answers rather than be confused by what advice was being offered around me.


To this day, I use journaling to see my feelings on the page and move the heaviness (or inspiration!) inside so that I can focus on better feelings.✨


I’ve truly seen the power of repeated writing (we’re talking pages and pages of rewritten sentences) in establishing new beliefs and eliminating limiting ones.


Add Writing to Your Daily Self Care 🖋

Most mornings I start my day with written affirmations. I take the opposite of my limiting belief and write it out, over and over (an entire page sometimes!). (Ex: turning limiting belief of “I’ll never find enough time to heal” to affirmation of “With ease I find the time to focus on myself and heal”) . With pen to paper, over a period of time, I get to imprint a new way of thinking and usually one day I write out the affirmation and ACTUALLY believe it without any sensation or energetic charge. I’ve done this many times with many different limiting beliefs and it friggen works! 🤯


These repeated statements, rather than a “fake it till ya make it” kind of thing, are more of a like a “fake it til you become it.” Amy Cuddy—and her awesome TED TALK— talks about the science behind this. Conciscous belief change CAN be a powerful thing.


This is also why I love NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) because we can use words to trick our brain into rewiring patterns that just aren’t working for us. NLP is basically how we use the language of our mind to achieve the results we want in life. It involves a bunch of techniques that work to make big shifts towards our potential—getting out of our own way so we can embrace our limitless greatness. It is change at the subconscious level, which allows for quantum leaps into being your Lovely Human Self. 💡


If you want to get started with more journaling, here’s a journal prompt page I made just for you (because sometimes it’s hard to know where to start!). And, if you want more, each week in #SundaySelfCareClub I offer journal prompts so that you can go inward and support yourself in living your best, badass CEO life. 🔥


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