Simple Self Care Tricks to Gain More Time In Your Day

morning self care selfcare Nov 05, 2020


As someone who goes nonstop most days from 5am to 9 or 10pm, I know how crucial it is to use every moment and get things checked off that ta-da list! But how often do you find yourself staring at your screen, forgetting what you were working on? Or flipping from instagram to facebook to email back and forth without actually completing a task?


Yep, been there! 🤦🏼‍♀️


I’ve read books from all the productivity gurus, taken courses from some of the best experts, and, still, I catch myself with my eyes wandering and my inbox growing. 


That is until I started using my ✨ Self Care Framework✨ to hone in on what makes sense: mindfulness as a means to productivity. 


The Framework has helped me to manage working a 9-5 job and building my self care empire without sacrificing sleep or sanity. The key is that mindfulness--the BEING not the DOING--is imperative to long term fulfilment and productivity since it creates space to have more quality work time and use--not lose--moments.


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Here are three things you can do today to help you take back your time and spend more of it in joy, gratitude, and fortune:

  • Don’t skip the morning routines🌤: If I told you that my morning routines help me feel like time has slowed down, and that I have more time in the day, you wouldn’t believe me. So, I suggest you track the difference in your days. What does it feel like when you take time for yourself in the morning? What does it feel like when you hit snooze and sleep in a bit later? My observations conclude that the day goes by so much smoother when I take the time to journal, meditate, and BE first thing in the morning. It’s like I’ve closed down the tabs from the day before, starting with a clean operating system that is primed and ready to flow through the day--not force it. 


  • Do daily energy check ins✨: It’s easy to get carried away with the tunnel vision productivity lens. I can count so many times where I’ve sat down at my desk only to glance up 6 hours later starving, sore, and sassy. Set times throughout your day to check in on your energy. When you start to feel yourself dipping (or better yet, BEFORE you start dipping!), have activities planned to keep that energy up. Make sure your food, water, movement, mindfulness practices are all taken care of before you hit that mode of hanger; scheduling your energy check ins is key to staying on task and on track to using the hours in your day (not wasting them on spirals caused by unnecessary energy dips). 


  • Put down the phone📱: Okay, I know this sounds obvious, but did you know that the average North American spends between three and five hours on their phone? When I’m coaching humans who feel overwhelmed, overstressed, and paralysed, I always ask what their screen time is like. Feeling called out? Ya, I feel you. But it’s so important for us to set boundaries around phone use because once that TikTok wormhole opens, it takes a heck of a lot to get out of it. Maybe think about getting an alarm clock instead of using your phone. Find some apps (lie AppDetox, Flipd, Moment, Forest) that can support you in getting off your phone and into real life. And if you still think you don’t have time, think about this: if you can binge watch an entire season of Little Big Lies then you have time to write that email AND meditate!

Time doesn’t have to slip through your fingers. You CAN get those boxes checked off and feel super centred. The secret, though, isn’t prioritizing the list; the secret is prioritizing yourself. Being in the present moment--in other words mindfulness--can open you up to infinite space, energy, and time.


So get connected to yourself, keep those morning and evening routines, and stay off the screens as much as possible. If you want some accountability, join us in the self care queens community and we’ll support you💜


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