How To Go From Overdraft To Overflowing


There was a time when I was living from my bank account’s overdraft. Okay, living might not be the right term...surviving feels more accurate. Honestly, this was the scenario: I’d get paid on a Thursday and be in the minus by Friday. I was stretching every last dollar, racking up credit cards, and not knowing if I’d have to ask for a handout from family. 🤦🏼‍♀️


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It was not fun. It felt really heavy. And I was really embarrassed about it. 


I was in that spot of lack, hopelessness, and wanting more until I realized I had more power over my situation than I thought. 


Enter money mindset! 🤑


After reading a few books, listening to a few podcasts, and getting clear on my budget, I realized that there were things I could do to improve my relationship to money. In Lovely Human School, I teach an entire module about stepping into our fortune and living an abundant life, but I’m going to spill a few secrets here that you can steal to create change TODAY:


1️⃣ I balance my income and expenses EVERY SINGLE DAY. No, I don’t use a fancy shmancy app or get someone else to do it. Yes, I chart every single time I tap that debit card--even the $1.85 tea--so that I can take full responsibility for what I am making a financial priority. It’s part of my morning routine--among other highly abundance-based practices. I use a simple Google Sheets template and open up my checking account each and every day to see what’s come in and what’s gone out. This allows me to know my current balance down to the penny so that I am able to make decisions that relate to my financial priorities and also step into accountability and self trust. 


2️⃣ Getting into a positive energetic exchange with money is essential. I used to dread looking at my bank account. There were times where I’d even go to pay for something and HOPE I had money in checkings (that one time gassing my car up I actually DIDN’T have any money taught me a good lesson to KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE!). I didn’t know what was in my account. I didn’t want to know what was in my account. But then I realized something: how can I attract and welcome in money when I don’t even acknowledge what I do have? 


3️⃣ Step into gratitude. We already have so much and sometimes we forget abundance doesn’t always come in the form of dolla dolla bills. Start writing out a list of 10 things you are grateful for each morning AND each night (make it part of your rituals)


You have nothing to lose by changing your mindset. Okay I know it seems hokey stepping into a feeling of abundance when you, literally, have no money in the bank account, but that’s the reason why it works. When you operate from a lack mindset, all you’re attracting is more lack. When you operate from a luck mindset, you raise your frequency and start to see the abundance that is already around you. ✨


If you’re still not convinced, think about this: you have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by trying this out. You might as well spend some time doing this rather than getting lost in that scrolling abyss. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Take a peek at some of my favourite books--the ones that helped kickstart me into living more abundantly: LINK HERE 


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