Grow Up!: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

relationships May 19, 2020


If you had told me that quarantine was going to bring THIS much of past programming up, I’d have laughed: 


There’s no way. 

It’s not that different than before. 

We’re just together more. 


Yah, right!

At the beginning of this Jazzy and I said that quarantine would either make or break us. ‍ You think I’m joking, but I’m not.

In four years we’ve never spent this much time together. We are two completely different humans who have very different ways of doing things, different sense of humour and different love languages ...(And did I mention we both like to be right?!). 


While we have a good handle on what is our own responsibility and what requires joint effort, when the world around us is struggling to find certainty, it is hard to manage our own nervous system’s activation … and still be a loving partner. 

We all know I talk at length about how my relationships...

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Stop Sabotaging + Spiralling the Self Care Queen Way


I was having a conversation last week about my self care and realized that I’ve come a long way in being able to take care of myself and shift my needs and wants so that I fill my own voids and take care of myself. 


The reward of being a Self Care Queen: spending less time spiralling and more time in joy and inspired action. 


The problem I realize, is that we are programmed to look outside ourselves to find comfort and solutions. My journey the past two years has been to look within to soothe and calm my own insecurities + needs. It has NOT been easy (and most times really difficult), but the benefits of taking responsibility means I get to choose each and every time how I show up. 


For me, emotional reactions stem from my wiring. So, if I felt unloved in the past or like I wasn’t heard or valued, when it happens in the present, my body feels like I am going through that same emotion and acts accordingly (cue 8year old Meghan...

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