How Self Care Helped Me Close My First Business

business entrepreneurship May 26, 2020

This morning I started to liquidate the Sup Yoga Inc assets. The business was something I built from the ground up and was my first real stab at entrepreneurship. ⁣
It felt lonely in the early morning darkness selling off the boards one by one and having to answer question after question in my facebook messenger. ⁣

It probably didn't help that I had put this off for as long as possible. I thought I had the business sold last year...and again last month...and again last week. After much deliberation, my business partner and I decided to sell off, piece by piece, the business that I worked so hard to build.

This was not how I saw this going. It felt desperate and like what I had worked so hard to build was being ripped apart, broken down, one paddleboard at a time.

I felt like I was bearing witness to the death of a dream, and it felt heavy. ⁣ ⁣

But we know I know how to deal with heavy. When I get those feelings, I don’t run from them or “toxic positivity” them away. Instead, I put my hand to my heart and acknowledge the feeling, speaking directly to it: “it’s okay to feel sad about this. It’s a big deal.” ⁣
Validating my feelings has become a big part of me parenting myself, but I DO NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO SPIRAL. You see, I could go into a dark hole, overthinking and ruminating on the coulds, ifs, and shoulds. 

Instead, I have created a recipe for my own self care during these times. It's a proactive step to prepare for the edges of spirals before they actually happen.

So, after sitting with the validation of the big feels for a bit, my next step was to get outside my head and move forward (since I don’t like to stay stuck in low frequency emotions for long). ⁣
Naturally, I picked up my favourite oracle card deck: @kim_krans Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck⁣.
As I flipped through the book, asking for "what do I need now," I came to The Bat and its representation made me smile. Here’s a snippet: ⁣
“The bat card shows up to signify the ending of a chapter...comes in swiftly, encouraging us to move on. In just a few hours a new day dawns. No more lingering in the past.”⁣
Timely right?! It was bang-on everything I was needing to hear (those decks always work like that!). So I started journaling and focusing my attention to the new beginning and how closing this chapter would serve me and my new dreams. 
Picking oracle cards for affirmations, journal prompts, and affirmations helps me to stay out of the spirals. It’s important that we find those things (our own recipe for self care) that keeps us close to ourselves. 


And if you are prone to dramatic thoughts like me, it's our job to put self care into practice daily so that we are able to coach ourselves out of the drama--to stay close to ourselves and in conversation with what we need and how to support ourselves when the big feelings arise. ⁣
πŸŽ‰ my private fb group is a place where I share more of these stories and where you can ask your questions about how to pivot from spirals. Come join me as I take flight into new adventures and bring you along for the ride...and the lessons!


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