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If you’re like me, helping other people comes naturally. Without thinking, we dedicate our time, spend money, and use big-time brain power when it comes to the people we love. Does the ease of helping others make you feel like why is it so dang hard to prioritize our own care?

I don’t know how many times I used to open my agenda and realize I hadn’t hit up a yoga class…or made it to the gym…or read a book…or cracked my journal in forever.

Thankfully, over the past two years, I’ve developed a system to make sure that even on my busiest days I carve out time for my non-negotiable Essential Three so that I am better able to be in the world in a good way and strive to reach my potential.

While my calendar is filled with daily self care routines, I’m still working on making big moves towards my long-term goals and continual growth. My April Spring Challenge is to start signing up for things that I’ve said  (for years!) that I want to do. I’ve got a list of  “dreams” that I’m ready to start ticking off.

in fact, I just signed up for a one day event in Toronto to connect with other entrepreneurs, creatives, and fierce, inspirational women. I had been waiting a year for this event and when tickets were released I paused, afraid of what it would mean to spend the money, take the day away from my family, and put myself into a new situation. Kinda scary.

The fear lasted a millisecond when I reminded myself that this would be an opportunity to look through a different lens, to get inspired (one of my words, remember!), and return to my passions in life with fresh eyes.

If you’re thinking “ya, that’s cool, Meg, you’ve been doing this for awhile, but where the heck do I start?!”

This is what I did:

1. Write out how you want to feel. I like to have three words that drive daily decisions. Mine are balanced, free, inspired. These become the guide for everything you do and every choice you make. Be selective with what you pick as your words, and know they can change if they no longer suit you. *happy is not a word to use. Find something that is not inherently fleeting or vague.

2.  Write out what you need. Where do you see gaps in how you want to feel and how you currently feel. Given what your goals are, what do you need to get there? Are there certain skills, education, empowerment that will get you closer to those feelings?

3.  Investigate what courses, conferences, events align.  Head to The Google and do the research. Chances are there have been posts in your instagram, emails in your inbox, and other synchronicities that have been populating your mind. Check ‘em out! See what’s drawing your eye and holding your attention. Then…

4.  Sign up! Just jump in. Don’t wait for tomorrow or for a few extra bucks. If you have that tug in your heart, you’ll find a way to make it work! It’s crazy to think this way, but it’s how we manifest abundance and greatness into our life. You gotta take the leap!

While we might not always put ourselves before our people, the more we can invest in our own growth, care, and excellence, the more we positively impact those around us. So, if you want to reallllly help others, help yourself first.

 It’s time to put our money, effort, and time behind our biggest desires and dreams.  Who’s with me?


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