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Hey, Hey! I'm Meg!

I’ve brought myself back from rock bottom, healed my heart + head, and taught thousands of students mindfulness + mindset practices that get them out of spirals and dreaming bigger. I now run an online self-care school (and keep up with my own self-care) so you can learn how too!

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I offer limited coaching sessions to take you out of your head and into your heart: I'll bring you profound clarity, holistic systems, and remote healing to kickstart your self-care journey. 
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"After working with Meghan, I really valued myself again. I looked at myself in the eye differently. I allowed my identity to be more than 'mom.' ... It was when I started to view myself as a valuable or lovely human being whose identity is separate from my family's that my guilt lessened, my playfulness emerged, and I started to see my authenticity again. "

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