$12.00 CAD

Self-Love Journey Workbook

It’s time to reconnect with yourself, embrace self-care, and overcome the shit that's holding you back with the Self-Love Journey Digital Workbook!


  • Reconnect with Yourself: Dive into mindfulness practices and journaling prompts that help you tune into your inner world on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Embrace Self-Care: Soften into Meg's words as she guides you back to yourself and shares what works (including video links, Spotify playlists)
  • Get the Secret Sauce: All the practical tools and exercises from the signature 8 week course in bite sized pieces so you can implement them today.


  • Improve Your Confidence: The more time you spend with yourself, the stronger your self-esteem. Get ready to stand taller and walk prouder.
  • Stay on Track: Have a toolbox of self-love practices that you can always fall back on even when your schedule is jam packed. 
  • Feel Empowered: When you know better, you do better, and this workbook brings you to a place of being able to feel lovelier, see lovelier, and do lovelier than you ever have--in an easy-to-implement way.

Ready to start your self-love journey and transform your life? Grab your copy of the Self-Love Journey Digital Workbook today and join a community of lovely humans committed to personal growth and empowerment.