Uncategorized Jul 30, 2020

When I started amping up my self care, it was an icky feeling.


I had been so used to putting others’ feelings and wishes ahead of my own that when I looked at how I could better support myself, it took me awhile to figure it out. I thought:


How am I supposed to put myself before everyone else when all I know is to help everyone else?


How could I sit a read a book when there was vacuuming to be done, papers to be marked, phone calls to be made…



There can be a lot of guilt and self-judgment when we start to prioritize ourselves over others. What I’ve learned, though, is that we need to be in alignment and in close connection with ourselves so that we are able to function at our best when we are with others or when we are embracing our responsibilities and going after our dreams.


I know I am a much better teacher, wife, daughter, human when I feel grounded, more present, and more in tune with myself.


But, that...

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How Self Care Helped Me Close My First Business

business entrepreneurship May 26, 2020

This morning I started to liquidate the Sup Yoga Inc assets. The business was something I built from the ground up and was my first real stab at entrepreneurship.

It felt lonely in the early morning darkness selling off the boards one by one and having to answer question after question in my facebook messenger.

It probably didn't help that I had put this off for as long as possible. I thought I had the business sold last year...and again last month...and again last week. After much deliberation, my business partner and I decided to sell off, piece by piece, the business that I worked so hard to build.

This was not how I saw this going. It felt desperate and like what I had worked so hard to build was being ripped apart, broken down, one paddleboard at a time.

I felt like I was bearing witness to the death of a dream, and it felt heavy.

But we know I know how to deal with heavy. When I get those feelings, I don’t run from them or “toxic...

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Grow Up!: Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

relationships May 19, 2020


If you had told me that quarantine was going to bring THIS much of past programming up, I’d have laughed: 


There’s no way. 

It’s not that different than before. 

We’re just together more. 


Yah, right!

At the beginning of this Jazzy and I said that quarantine would either make or break us. ‍ You think I’m joking, but I’m not.

In four years we’ve never spent this much time together. We are two completely different humans who have very different ways of doing things, different sense of humour and different love languages ...(And did I mention we both like to be right?!). 


While we have a good handle on what is our own responsibility and what requires joint effort, when the world around us is struggling to find certainty, it is hard to manage our own nervous system’s activation … and still be a loving partner. 

We all know I talk at length about how my relationships...

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Self Care is Loving More of What we Are

Uncategorized May 12, 2020

What do you do when you notice the fruit on your counter has a bruise? 


>> pitch it in the garbage you say!


Okay, okay...let’s pretend it’s your faaaaaavourite fruit, and you’ve been looking forward to it since the grocery haul last week. You’ve actually been waiting for it since last year when it was in season. Yep, you have been waiting for the right moment to enjoy it and love it up. 


You’ve noticed a bruise, but you’re just not ready to give up and banish this bruised baby to the bin. 


Instead, you are determined to find a way to salvage it. So you start to take extraordinary measures. 


You take your time in facing it up on the counter, carefully positioning it so that nothing else can harm it. 


You watch it closely, and even whisper, “it’s okay, you’ve got this. Hold on!”


When you notice the bruise spreading, you realize it’s time to...

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Stop Sabotaging + Spiralling the Self Care Queen Way


I was having a conversation last week about my self care and realized that I’ve come a long way in being able to take care of myself and shift my needs and wants so that I fill my own voids and take care of myself. 


The reward of being a Self Care Queen: spending less time spiralling and more time in joy and inspired action. 


The problem I realize, is that we are programmed to look outside ourselves to find comfort and solutions. My journey the past two years has been to look within to soothe and calm my own insecurities + needs. It has NOT been easy (and most times really difficult), but the benefits of taking responsibility means I get to choose each and every time how I show up. 


For me, emotional reactions stem from my wiring. So, if I felt unloved in the past or like I wasn’t heard or valued, when it happens in the present, my body feels like I am going through that same emotion and acts accordingly (cue 8year old Meghan...

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Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

Life’s always been a little “busy” for me. I usually have my hands in a number of pies, bustling from place to place, job to job… but it’s all because I feel soooo passionate about soooo many things. My dreams are BIG, and I used to get so caught up with rushing towards them without thinking about how I was affecting my mind, body, and heart.


In fact, I used to feel really overwhelmed and on HIGH sensory overload with all the balls I was juggling. Some days I didn’t even know where to start with my to-do lists, so I would just rewrite them (in my favourite Sharpie pen that I had to take the drive to go buy) to waste time from actually facing the items that were waiting to be ticked off. Okay, and maybe I’d eat a lot of non-fuelling foods and complain about being “sooooo busy.” Needless to say, my nervous system was NOT happy.


The one moment I realized I had made big strides from drowning my stress sorrows in...

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morning ritual selfcare Feb 11, 2020

Having time for yourself in the morning could be the difference between a good day and a great day!

 I think you might be ready for the up-level!

Let’s Plan Your Perfect Morning!

Creating a morning routine for myself was a gamechanger as I was building a business.

 It was even more integral when I was working through some personal healing.

“Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more”

Waking up early continues to be one of the keys to my success, including the ability to happily manage my numerous responsibilities, passions, and dreams.

Because I spend a lot of my day giving to others—teaching at the college, holding space in a yoga studio, nurturing my community—it has become a priority to find quiet, solo time.


Mornings, for me, are what enable me to remain focused on my WHY and move towards my dreams.


I am more mindful and in momentum when I wake up early.

Right now, you’re probably thinking…...

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Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

If you’re like me, helping other people comes naturally. Without thinking, we dedicate our time, spend money, and use big-time brain power when it comes to the people we love. Does the ease of helping others make you feel like why is it so dang hard to prioritize our own care?

I don’t know how many times I used to open my agenda and realize I hadn’t hit up a yoga class…or made it to the gym…or read a book…or cracked my journal in forever.

Thankfully, over the past two years, I’ve developed a system to make sure that even on my busiest days I carve out time for my non-negotiable Essential Three so that I am better able to be in the world in a good way and strive to reach my potential.

While my calendar is filled with daily self care routines, I’m still working on making big moves towards my long-term goals and continual growth. My April Spring Challenge is to start signing up for things that I’ve said  (for years!) that I...

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schools self care Feb 11, 2020

When I am asked what I do for a living, my immediate thought is to say I help people realize or become the loveliest humans possible. My actual job description goes something like “develop curriculum and assessment tools to prepare students for vocational outcomes; engage all types of learners through differentiated instruction; enhance students’ communication skills.” And I only know this because my mother STILL has my job posting from 2009 when I was hired.

While I am obsessed with how a semicolon can change our lives (or at least the appearance of our grammar proficiency), I’ve realized over the past eight years of teaching that when I go into a college classroom, my true job is to bring the best part of me to help my students recognize the best part of them. This has become much easier since yoga and, more recently, meditation has come into my life, but it was once very difficult and confusing.

I remember when I first starting teaching I was insecure...

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selfcare spirals Feb 11, 2020

Don’t you just love those big lessons? Or the fact that you THINK you’ve triumphed over a bad habit…until, of course, something comes up and you realize the threads you thought you had all pulled suddenly lead to a tangle?

A recent incident at work had me spinning my wheels and pulling at threads that I thought had already been pulled and recycled.

The story:

I returned from a meeting with steam coming from my ears.  How could they have put this on me? Why was I blamed for someone else’s mistake? Did they all just throw me under the bus?

There was a moment where I could have just brushed off the feelings of shame and being wronged–and done one of those sly shoulder shrugs that signal, “pfff, no big D.” Yea, I could have…but I didn’t. Instead, I spiralled. Oh yea girl, I sure did. You ready for the story? Bring on the #realtalk.

Despite confidently knowing the hilarity of what had just happened at the meeting—and...

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