Lovely Human School

The Signature Program from The Self-Care Queen

Learn how to reconnect to yourself and rewire the unhealthy habits and patterns blocking you from living an abundant and revolutionary life.


Let me guess…

your self-care is in desperate need of a reset.

You’re so preoccupied helping others and doing their work that you find yourself burnt out AF on a regular basis. Try as you might, you can’t remember the last time you had fifteen minutes just to yourself.

You’ve read self-help books to get you out of the since-2016-funk, but your brain is somehow still alive and buzzing at 2 AM, bursting with content for your ever-growing to-do lists. If it happens to take a tangent, it's thinking about that unsettling conversation with your coworker, or wondering if your dream of retiring on a Caribbean Island is even remotely realistic.

Your version of a decadent Sunday brunch now consists of scraping leftovers from your kids’ plates, and your once-upon-a-time wicked workout routine now consists of transporting endless loads of laundry up and down the stairs.

And you'll admit, things aren’t absolute shit, but this is definitely not the direction you'd pictured your life going in, even just a few years back.

Self-care, that's the missing piece.

A proactive system of self care tools and techniques is what closes the gap between where you are now and where you want (and are meant!) to be.
You're here for a reason.

You’re ready to be the ultimate #SelfCareQueen, with an inner world that reflects the outer life you dream of living.

You want to roam the yellow brick road of abundance + fortune, dancing to vibes of inspiration and influence along the way.

You want to walk the path without the unnecessary overwhelm, guilt, and hectic weekends without the Netflix binges you cherish.

And you wish someone would just appear, take your hand, and lead you straight to the path of peace and joy and away from the grasp of doom and gloom.


Lovely, I see you! And I get it.


I've been there, in that place where things feel like they're going a million miles a minute and there's no time to "go deep" OR put your own needs above anyone else's.

And I know things aren’t going exactly the way you thought they would. You thought, by now, you'd have:

  • The freedom to choose your own ending—leaving that 9-5, going back to school, starting a biz, attracting your soulmate…feeling like the world is yours to conquer (#SelfCareQueen style)

  • That sense of knowing yourself and showing up to do the things you want to do regardless of whether or not the crowd is doing it too

  • Choosing how you spend your time and not running the rat race of everyone else’s beck and call

  • Indulging, especially when it comes to self care, guilt and shame-free, knowing you deserve the facemasks and bubble baths as much as the deep diving into inner reflective work

And because I get it, I created this

Say hey to my online Self Care program — the course you've never had, but always needed.

"I finished Lovely Human School about two weeks ago. The course was the breath of fresh air that I needed in my life. Meghan provided many wonderful tools, personal support, and a community. I felt empowered, inspired and motivated to finally get over the block that I have been stuck at for so long. Although the class has ended, I continue to dedicate Monday evenings to myself for growth, healing, and love. Thank you, Meghan! I will be forever grateful for this lovely experience."

Entrepreneur, Mom, Lovely Human

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hey, hey — I'm Meghan!

Your #1 cheerleaderadministrator of tough love, and accountability bff! I'm here to shake you out of your negative thought spirals and guide you to a world of deep self-love, so you can plot to take over the world, or simply fall in love with it.

As a professional educator and long-time yoga and meditation teacher, I’ve worked with thousands of students over the past decade. I’m here to share all of the hidden mindfulness practices and mindset techniques that have unleashed unlimited human potential — both in myself and in the lovely humans I’ve coached.

I’ve felt discouraged, desperate, and stressed, but it helped me to build a roadmap that allowed me to leave those days behind. The path I forged helped me to reconnect with myself, rewire my unhealthy habits and patterns, and revolutionize my life, turning it into one I can't wait to wake up to live every single morning.

And now... I get to share it with you!


I’ve put all of my learnings — you know, the ones that come when you’re on all fours, bawling to the Universe for some relief — into this 8-week program for Lovely Humans.

It makes the world make sense and kickstarts your momentum, creating that oomph and fire you need to get out of bed on those rough rough days.

This intimate group program is built on loveliness.

Our motto: Feel lovely, see lovely, do lovely!

The course is 8 weeks of intimate group coaching made up of SIX MODULES . Within each phase you'll find video and audio trainings walking you through my daily mindfulness practices and mindset techniques, textbook chapters filled with lessons, invitations to community homework sessions, as well as done-for-you self care systems, reading lists, and resources.

This is the program for you if...

  • You know that there’s more to life than feeling “fine” but every time you try a new routine or make a promise to yourself you end up binge watching Netflix, trusty bag of chips in hand.

  • You’ve lost your playful nature and you’re ready to take things way less personally. #itsnotmyshit

  • Staying accountable to yourself is just not your forte, and it's leaving you stuck in the hamster wheel of self-sabotage and negativity.

  • You’re a dreamer, mom, entrepreneur, millennial, leader, or human, and you're READY to lead a life that lights you up AND supports your own self-care and wellbeing… because deep down, you know you deserve to and you don't want to wake up 10 years later wishing you had.

Take a second to imagine where you could be in just 8 weeks...

  • Feeling so connected to yourself, finally believing that you (yes, you!) are ready to take on the world, turning your lists from to-do to ta-da

  • Prepared to lead with compassion in every area of your life, transforming every relationship into one of abundance and fulfillment

  • Equipped with healthy boundaries and a cemented sense of self-worth, leaving the difficult conversations you used to dread far in your distant past

  • Armed with your very own abundance and fortune DreamPlan that fills you up, feeds your soul, and inspires you to feel lovely, see lovely, and do lovely

"LHS completely shifted how I viewed self-care. In fact, I wouldn't call this program self-care so much as self-healing. The #1 thing transformation from the program was connecting to my inner child, which was something that was never on my radar. Meg's not like other coaches who just ask you "what do youuuuuu think you need" "the answer is inside of you" but she actually gives real tools that can be used to solve real problems. She's supportive in an all-encompassing way, and there is no question that she truly cares about me as a person, not just about the payday. I was truly surprised at my transformation through this journey in becoming a stronger, more confident, and more empowered woman."

Dr. Sonia Ashok
Founder of Connective Coalition, Lovely Human

Taking care of yourself requires investment.... and I want to make it as easy as possible to get you from fed up to feeling free.

2020 has already been a year for the books, and while I hate to say it... there's still more to come.

But guess what?! That is exactly why I've bulked up this semester's program with even MORE aha moments, lessons, and tools for your toolbox, so that there's absolutely no way you’ll finish this course without seeing a mega difference in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intuition, baby! If you have a strong feeling that this experience is going to get you moving on that journey to living with presence and positivity, let's rock this!

Maybe you like my vibe, maybe you've taken a peek at the breakdown and found yourself thinking Ahhhhh, this is EXACTLY what I need rightaboutnow!

If any part of you feels like you're here for a reason, take the leap. According to my students, it's a choice you won't regret!

Lovely Human School calls take place for 90mins, once a week.

There's also an opportunity to come to weekly 45min PEP RALLY Q+A calls.

Should you have more time to commit to your growth, the additional homework and reading can take you further, but they are not mandatory.

Still, the more you put into this, the more you’ll get out. Invest IN + Abundance OUT!

You have FOREVER access to this program and can join future cohorts each and every time I offer the program. Past students have found that being able to dive deeper and deeper has been so beneficial!

No stress! Replays of our live calls are available within 24 hours, if not much sooner! Plus, you'll have access even after the course is over.

If you’re having a bad hair day, don’t fret (but we like that about you, dear Medusa!). It is definitely not a requirement to show your face or speak aloud — we’re just happy you’ve stepped into your vulnerability and popped on to take in the information!

This course is NOT a replacement for therapy. If you are experiencing trauma or require medical support, please seek the help you need from a medical professional.

While this course can complement any counselling, therapy, or other programming, it was created to help you love and take care of yourself the way only you can.


I truly believe that access to personal development resources should be accessible to everyone. I have incorporated a payment plan to encourage all lovely humans to invest in themselves and their wellbeing.


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